Why isnít there more local dojo information like other sites?
We look to promote Shorin-Ryu * ShorinKan (Kobayashi-Ryu) nationally and internationally rather than locally. Hanshi JuDan Nakazato Shugoro, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan administers this organization.
Who is this Nakazato Shugoro?
He is a 10th Degree (Hanshi JuDan) Black Belt in the Shorin-Ryu * ShorinKan (Kobayashi-Ryu) style and is one of the most influential Okinawan living martial arts Grand Masters. For more information see History.
Whatís the deal, there are websites where the instructor states that he has studied under and been awarded ranking by Nakazato Shugoro?
Good question, the dojos and instructors, to our knowledge, listed on this website with their dojo shown on the map are in "good standing" with Hanshi JuDan Nakazato. We would look to add other sites and instructors.
Who has contact with Hanshi JuDan Nakazato?
Kyoshi Nabil Noujaim 8th Dan travels to Okinawa a couple times a year for training and other events centered around Hanshi JuDan.
How do I get my dojo listed on the national (USA) and world map?
Contact Kyoshi Noujaim 8th Dan at noujaimskarate@sbcglobal.net.
If I were to attend an approved listed dojo, would the instructor know about this website?
Yes. The dojo head instructor is in "good standing" and has been approved by Hanshi JuDan Nakazato through one of the senior recognized student in the United States, Kyoshi Nabil Noujaim 8th Dan.